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From the Archives : Long-term Novel Unit Planning

Long-term Novel Units are some of my favourite lesson plans to create.  Of course, it may be the writer in me that gets such a kick out of pulling together … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in American Politics: the Future of the Sane Center

      *Reblog via By Lauren Wynn On a return trip from visiting my dad for Father’s Day, I was scrolling through Twitter — partly because I needed … Continue reading

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Tamales: Guatemala y California Chica Style~ Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!

Note: If you’re here just for the recipe, scroll all the way down to the bottom and there you’ll find it. 🙂 Ahhh, what a beautiful day! Today is what … Continue reading

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Death by Tribalism

Originally posted on The Collision Blog :
“The source of every crime, is some defect of the understanding; or some error in reasoning; or some sudden force of the passions.” ―…

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Support Evan McMullin

Excellent post from a very talented writer. I absolutely had to share her amazingly well-written #StandUpWithEvan #NeverTrumpOrHillary #EvanMcMullin2016.   So a lot has happened in the weeks between my last post … Continue reading

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Discipleship & My Lighthouse

“I thought God just wanted me to be a Christian.”   That is what one little girl told me on Friday of last week. Let me back up.  Last week … Continue reading

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What Did Peter Doubt?

Why and what did Peter doubt when he walked on water with Jesus?

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Awana Vantage: Relational Discipleship

On April 22nd, I had the privilege to live-blog and tweet for the Awana Clubs Vantage Conference. I was joined by “Commander Bill”(Bill Gunter), Jackie & Stephana Bledsoe, Matt Guevara, Pat Schwenk … Continue reading

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Awana Vantage Conference (Live Blog Friday, April 22nd)

Join me Friday, April 22nd as I live blog the Awana Vantage Conference!

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Tamales: Guatemala y California Chica Style~ Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!

Ahhh, what a beautiful day! Today was what is referred to in our home as  “Tamale Day.”  The day before Christmas Eve when we get together to make our family … Continue reading

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Adobe Voice: Useful Tool For Teachers, Students

Originally posted on Bradley Hallick:
Easy-to-use tool for creating high quality voice-narrated slide shows from TechLearning RSS Feed via Bradley Hallick Education Technology Blog

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What’s your New Year’s Resolution …and WHY?

Recently, a friend asked me my plan for a New Year’s resolution. Well, here’s my confession.  I don’t have one.  Yep, that’s right.  See, I have never been one to … Continue reading

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Chill, It’s All Good! What So Wrong With Slang? By Laura Diaz original article published for  BlueSuit Mom Magazine 2010 One rare and lazy Saturday afternoon, I parked myself at my … Continue reading

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My love for just the right words……

Anyone that knows me, is familiar with my passion for quotes and proverbs, be they inspirational or funny. And of course, as a visual learner also, if the quote is … Continue reading

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~Are you seeking God’s kingdom or are you all about building your own?~

~Are you seeking God’s kingdom or are you all about building your own?~ “I am not perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus made … Continue reading

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A California garbage man has big impact on boy with autism

Originally posted on NBC Latino:
Meet Frank Diaz, Fresno city garbage man. Everyday he gets into his truck, drives through neighborhoods and picks up trash with pride. It’s his job, his livelihood and…

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A new definition of Christian fiction and its ticket to Multicultural themes

AUGUST 16, 2011 BY: ERICA SMITH To view original article visit: “Given what we know about multiculturalism and Christianity, do the inspirational novels we read reflect the truth that we live … Continue reading

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“Ragged Hope: Surviving the Fallout of Other People’s Choices.”

Originally posted on richardrblake:
Ragged Hope: Surviving the Fallout of Other People’s Choices By Cynthia Ruchti Abingdon Press Box 801, Nashville, TN 37202 978-1426751172, 2013, $ 15.99, 200 pages Reviewed…

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God’s Protecting Hands

….At first I thought nothing of the thought but as I continued to get closer to downtown the thought became stronger, so I prayed for protection. When I got off … Continue reading

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Overland Hills VBS: CSI The Case of the Empty Tomb

This is a fun clip from what I’ve been doing this past week. Only, I’m not in it; my son Jonathan ( playing the part of John the disciple) and … Continue reading

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Preach on: teens ask evangelical leaders to talk sex ed

Originally posted on NBC Latino:
Hispanic evangelical leaders across the country hope to begin a frank dialogue about sex and pregnancy among Latino teenagers, teaming up with The National Campaign…

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The Controversial Video: Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word by Jefferson Bethke

No matter what your viewpoint on the issue, Jefferson Bethke’s little YouTube pebble has stirred an overwhelming hurricane and has been viewed ( as of 5/27/13) 25,023,180  times since it was first … Continue reading

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Christian Music’s Moment: How TobyMac and Lecrae Conquered the Countdown

Originally posted on Entertainment:
There’s a whole lot of Jesus running through Americans’ earbuds, at least according to the latest Billboard and iTunes numbers. In back-to-back weeks Christian artists TobyMac…

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The Hand of Refuge~ by Anthony Carter

God doesn’t always do the expected. In fact, it is usually quite the opposite. When newspaper editor, Cassandra “Cass” O’Neal, gets the opportunity to write her first article she is … Continue reading

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Christian/Multicultural/Young Adult/Fantasy fiction~ Is that even possible?

Earning a gold medal for the Harper Collins Editors Desk Award this is an excerpt of their review:

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More Beautiful by Jonny Diaz

I really love this music video! And no, it’s not because this music artist shares my last name! 🙂 We all know that “Diaz” is as common as the Anglo … Continue reading

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WP DP…can I give you a little piece of advice my blogger bro?

Originally posted on ACT. REACT. or just THINK about it!:
Life doesn’t come with an instruction booklet… Parenting doesn’t come with an instruction booklet… Blogging… well…DOES come with an instruction…

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Carry Me by Josh Wilson as seen on KLOVE LIVE

Somebody needs to hear this as much as I needed to hear this today ♥

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Messy Mondays~ Blimey Cow

Another review of Blimey Cow/ Messy Mondays……click link to view full article

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Theology Lite: Max Lucado on Pretzels

Originally posted on Thinking Out Loud:
So there I was driving home and listening to one of six Christian radio stations I can now get in my car, when Max…

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Free E-Books – April 26, 2013

Originally posted on WFBC Media Center:
I found two freebies today.  One is a Christian Bible study and the other one a cookbook!  Since the title of the Christian Bible…

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Dear God

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Lecrae on Erasing Sacred/Secular Divide & Engaging Culture

On March 22, 2013 at Convocation, North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, Lecrae talked about erasing the secular-sacred divide. He pointed out that everything is God’s, so there … Continue reading

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~This is the stuff that drives me crazy!~

This song, for me, is so very identifiable, encouraging, and convicting at the same time. When my hubby and I first heard this on the radio awhile back, he just looked at … Continue reading

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The Broken Pieces

“What do you think about when you hear the words “Broken Pieces”? There were probably many things you might have came up with. Think about a glass cup that has … Continue reading

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Am I Related to Basquiat?

Originally posted on Repeating Islands:
Tracing Your Roots: A reader researching famous ties gets a few pointers for finding Haitian roots from Henry Louis Gates in this article from The Root.…

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Let the Words

Originally posted on Three Iron Nails:
~ Carl Gustaf Chewning ~  

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Reaction to Secular Entertainment’s Presentation About Sex (videos)

Originally posted on Christian Pundit:
Reaction to Secular Entertainment’s Presentation About Sex (videos) Very good video about secular entertainment’s treatment of sex in television shows: This next video discusses how…

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Don’t Panic

“Finding the balance between panic and passivity can be difficult. You may have heard the phrase “Let go and let God”. When we are passive, we use it as an … Continue reading

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My Identity Mantra

Originally posted on Interpretations of a Bilingual Life:
I am not a remedial student. I’ve got this. I can write and articulate just as well as privileged peers. I am…

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Email to God~

Email to God Dear God, I’m tired.  Life sucks.  Or is that sucketh? You know what I mean.  You’re God, right? Today was such a tough day.  Everything that could … Continue reading

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~ Future Window Cleaner ~

    Future Window Cleaner (Imaginary) Email Messages between a grown daughter ( and her mother ( ________________________________________________________ (  Hi Mom. Okay, remember when I used to spout those pretty crazy idealistic … Continue reading

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Christian Parenting~ Our lives are not our own

So did your B.C ( Before Children) dreams or expectations of being the perfect parent work out the way you planned? Okay, remember those B.C. days when you used to … Continue reading

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Chill, It’s All Good! What So Wrong With Slang? A study of my use of slang and snorting when I laugh

One rare and lazy Saturday afternoon, I parked myself at my local Barnes and Nobles/Starbucks, and happened to hear from a nearby table, “Chill! It’s all good, Ellie!” And then … Continue reading

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Reblog: What Do You Think You Look Like? via James and Cindi Runyon

James and Cindi Runyon posted this on their blog : Please check out their wonderful and insightful  posts .  You will find it well worth your time. The video above … Continue reading

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What Do You Think You Look Like?

Originally posted on James and Cindi Runyon:
Women, how do you see yourself? What you know matters more than what you see. What God the Father sees is what counts.…

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The Omaha Word Sowers Christian Writing Group

Today is another Beyond post. I would like to introduce you to the Omaha Word Sowers Christian Writing Group and their very informative and helpful blog. From their ‘Home’ … Continue reading

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No llores mamá

A fan suggested a Latino Christian rap/ hip -hop video for me and I watched it for her. I was totally pulled in and began searching for more music from … Continue reading

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Christian/Multicultural/Young Adult/Fantasy fiction~ Is that even possible?

Christian/Multicultural/Young Adult/Fantasy fiction~ Is that even possible?. Check out the above link and open your eyes to the kind of multicultural Christian teen literature that our multi-ethnic world needs.:)

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The Lie Of Consumerism Church Shopping~

“Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us  encourage one another.” (Hebrews 10:25 English Standard Version) “No dejando de congregarnos,como algunos … Continue reading

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