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Tamales: Guatemala y California Chica Style~ Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!

Ahhh, what a beautiful day! Today was what is referred to in our home as  “Tamale Day.”  The day before Christmas Eve when we get together to make our family Christmas Eve tamales.  Now, yes, I am a little biased and prefer the banana leaf Guatemalan Tamales (Tamales Colorado with a sweet/ spicy Recado sauce- Yummmmmm!)  I have learned to make because my wonderful husband is from Guatemala.  Growing up in California, you would think that my “go-to” would be the traditional  corn husk with the spicy, chili red sauce, right?  Those are fine. In fact, two of my seven children prefer those kind.  I’ve made both.  There have been Christmas holidays in the past where you would have found both at my table. But, after twenty years of marriage, I have seen a gradual decline in the number of “traditional” Mexican  tamales I made versus the Guatemalan tamales.  We all know the huge (all day) labor of love that both kinds are for us to prepare. I suppose, I subconsciously figured I needed to make a choice, yeah?

TamalePreparedguatamalan-christmas-tamales-shuttersparks-flickrAnd, living in Nebraska, away from my childhood family, my husband I began creating our own family traditions.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that.  Something beautiful.


What I have learned over the years is that the kind of food a family chooses to make part of their Christmas celebration is less important than the kind of love a family shares with family and neighbors at this time.  So, my challenge for you, my dear readers, is be willing to open up your home to neighbors and family and to be willing to share not only your own family traditions and the love of Christ, but also to experience the traditions of others. 526489_10151261843791977_857236955_nChristmas  From mi familia to su familia: Feliz Navidad y Próspero New Year!

Merry Navidad!: Christmas Carols in Spanish and English/Villancicos en espanol e ingles by Alma Flor Ada Resuenen con alegría los cánticos de mi tierra que viva el Niño Jesús que ha nacido en Nochebuena. It’s time to sing out with joy the songs that are sung in my land in praise of the precious Child born this holy Christmas evening. Come share the joy of Christmas!


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