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TEACHER, AUTHOR, EDUblogger "I want to (read and) write books that unblock the traffic jam in everyone's mind." ~J. Updike

God’s Protecting Hands

….At first I thought nothing of the thought but as I continued to get closer to downtown the thought became stronger, so I prayed for protection.

When I got off the bus I proceed to walk the couple blocks like I always do on a weekly basis. At the halfway mark where I was going this man started yelling at me.

At first I thought he was yelling at someone else until he called me out by the clothes I was wearing I continued walking I also kept looking forward because I heard the Holy Spirit directing me not to look at this mans direction.

As I continued to walk to my appointment I started to hear the man yelling look at me when Iā€™m talking to you (I continued to look straight ahead) shortly afterwards I heard a total of three men yelling at me with obscene language as they begin to fastly approach at this point I turned around preparing myself to defend myself but when I turned the three men kept approaching me at a face pace and then they had this look on their faces like they just saw a ghost and turned around and ran as fast as they could, so I turned back around to see if I could see what they possibly saw which I did it was a police car cruising the neighborhood.

I immediately thank the Lord because I knew deep down that God had placed that police car there to scare away the three men. The whole time this was going on the Holy spirit keep telling me trust the Lord no harm will come to you if you keep faith that your prayer was heard…..”

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