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Awana Vantage Conference (Live Blog Friday, April 22nd)

Join me Friday, April 22nd as I live blog the Awana Vantage Conference!

The Vantage Conference is a community gathering of Awana, children and youth ministry leaders and volunteers who care deeply about reaching and discipling children and youth with the Gospel.

Be a part of the conversation as we discuss recruiting and retaining volunteers, standing strong for Christ in a shifting culture and the importance of relational ministry.



“Effective ministry begins with a personal connection, and it’s up to us to connect others to the love of Christ.”





“It doesn’t matter (to your life) what you conclude about the existence of Julius Ceasar. But even historians will agree that what you conclude about Jesus Christ does matter.” Sean McDowell








Vantage16_KrisSmoll Vantage16_KrisSmoll-2

Session break.  Having fun with Stephana Bledsoe / @stephanabledsoe


Check out this cool and helpful tool for Awana clubs

Vantage16_CindyCraig-4 Cindy Craig brought two of her clubbers ,Paige and Meredith (ages 10 &11) to help model and explain the differences in the new TNT curriculum.  Their church was one of the test churches this year for the new curriculum that rolls out next year.  The girls were asks what difference they see in how they “did club” last year versus how it was run this year with the new discipleship model.  One girl said “Well, this year a big thing is that I used to get really bored waiting for my turn to say verses. Really bored.  This year I never get bored and I learned a whole lot more with the small group time.”

Awana Weekends :


This new curriculum brings the unique distinctives of the Awana ministry to a new model and format, ideal for your weekend children’s ministry. Awana Weekends is a simple, relational, discipleship experience that uses the Bible as the road map to connect kids to Jesus Christ and strengthen the essential connections for life-long discipleship. Kids, parents, and leaders all working together to know, love, and serve, Jesus Christ.

New curriculum resource for families!  Go Together Grow Together: Engage your family in a global experience through Go Together, Grow Together. God is using Awana all over the world, find out how and grow as a family.

Dan Lovaglia up next to speak on Relational Children’s Ministry



Speaker Dan Lovaglia speaking to us about Relational Children’s Ministry. As a kid he was not raised in a Christian home, far from it. His mom needed “cheap” daycare for after school. His mom went in to talk to this lady (director of a Church Daycare Ministry) and told her, “If you tell my kid anything about Jesus I will burn this church down.”
To which she replied,” We are a church daycare, you won’t find quality daycare like this anywhere in this city for what you’d be paying. Ma’am, with all due respect, he WILL be hearing about Jesus.”
Dan’s mom said,” Alright then, he’ll be here Monday.”
This ministry changed his life….



Dan01 Dan02





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