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Opinion: Our hang-ups with official languages

“Just last week we had our own native language kerfuffle when the group ProEnglish, “the nation’s leading advocates of official English,” put out a radio ad featuring what BuzzFeed Politics described as “a Spanish-speaking ‘illegal immigrant’ character ‘thanking’ [Sen. Lindsey] Graham ‘for not requiring him to learn English in exchange for amnesty.’”
In the radio spot, the character ends his acknowledgement with the laughing statement: “Who needs English?”
Well, just for starters, nearly 31 million Hispanics who report speaking only English — or report speaking it very well — out of 47 million Hispanics living in the U.S.”

Read the rest of this thought provoking article at NBC Latino by clicking the above link.

NBC Latino

CHICAGO — I’m into “Missing una investigacion,” the latest book by Chilean novelist Alberto Fuguet. I’m reading it in Spanish since I have to consciously practice my native language or it vanishes. My family speaks English, lest we leave spouses and children out.

Fuguet is an engaging writer with a deep love and understanding of the United States, and I keep telling both my older son, who is not a native Spanish speaker but is taking classes in school, and my husband, who teaches Hispanic students and has them convinced he can speak fluent espanol, that they’d probably be able to read “Missing” in Spanish themselves.

There are a few words I need a Spanish dictionary to understand, but those are balanced out by the many instances when the author lapses into English.

One minute you’re trying to figure out if a particular word is unfamiliar because your…

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