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Not so Mexican

“Berenice, you are the whitest Mexican I have ever met!” said my co-worker Janine one morning.

I do not remember what I was doing exactly, but apparently it was not Mexican enough or at all. As we normally did after one of these comments, we had a hardy laugh and moved on. Sometimes I would surprise her and do something she considered to be Mexican.

For example, I made my coffee from instant rather than use the coffee maker.

She said, “Now that is Mexican, Bernie” and started giggling.

I had no idea that my preferred method of brewing a good cup of Joe associated me directly with my culture. Again, I did not take offense to her observations. It is not in my nature to take things the wrong way, but I often replied with a swift middle finger hand gesture followed by a loving reply.

In this instance, I said to Janine, “You’re such a bitch.”

She does not take offense to this. It is just the way we have always gotten along. I know she does not mean to hurt my feelings and I know that she is not racist. Most people that throw out comments like that to me, I would not consider racists. Especially Janine. She is Hawaiian and goes through the same type of stereotypical situations as I do. She laughs when people expect all their traditional dishes to contain pineapple! She does as I do, take it in stride.

Sometimes I like to throw people off and act like I do get offended. All I do is give them a serious look and the raise of an eyebrow. That does the trick and stops them in their tracks. It makes them uncomfortable for a few seconds until I start laughing. After some looks of relief and I tell them that it is okay, we are all laughing together. I can only pull this off with people that do not know me very well.

I suppose I am just not as Mexican as people expect me to be. I am not as Mexican as I think I am. ”

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Beans | Rice | French Fries

I wrote this nonfiction piece in January of 2012 for my creative writing class. It’s a longer post, but I hope you take the time to read it. It’s by no means perfect, but I felt it described me well. I thought it was a good way to kick off my blog. Enjoy!

Not So Mexican

“There are no chickens in your yard,” said my sister in law as she looked curiously around my parent’s front yard.

“We don’t have any,” I said to her, “Why?”

I did not really have to ask, but I did. She looked at me obviously embarrassed, but she did not respond. I am sure she had wished she had not said anything at all.

I smiled and said, “Because I’m Mexican?”

Maybe it was my smile that put her at ease because she smiled back and nodded. I knew that was the reason, but…

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