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Review of: “Child of the Americas” by Aurora Levins Morales

“Child of the Americas” by Aurora Levins Morales

 *I didn’t write this poem, but as you know, I’m a voracious reader.  I stumbled upon this poem written by Aurora Levins Morales. It speaks of the struggle for self-identity that  this generation has to face.

 Child of the Americas

by Aurora Levins Morales*

I am a child of the Americas,

a light-skinned mestiza of the Caribbean,

a child of many diaspora,

born into this continent at a crossroads.

I am a U.S. Puerto Rican Jew,

a product of the ghettos of a New York

I have never known.

An immigrant

and the daughter and granddaughter

of immigrants.

I speak English with passion:

it’s the tongue of my consciousness,

a flashing knife blade of crystal,

my tool, my craft.

I am Caribeña,

island grown.

Spanish is in my flesh,

Ripples from my tongue,

lodge in my hips:

the language of garlic and mangoes,

the singing of poetry,

the flying gestures of my hands.

I am of Latinoamerica,

rooted in the history of my continent:

I speak from that body.

I am not African.

Africa is in me,

but I cannot return.

I am not taína.

Taíno is in me,

but there is no way back.

I am not European.

Europe lives in me,

but I have no home there.

I am new.

History made me.

My first language

was spanglish.

I was born at the crossroads

and I am whole.

*Aurora Levins Morales writes for those struggling to find their identities and their voices – and speaks on issues pertaining to history and the multicultural experience (Santiago).

…and many more! Check out the work of this very talented writer.

One comment on “Review of: “Child of the Americas” by Aurora Levins Morales

  1. Monique Reyes
    May 19, 2013

    Sigan con el buen trabajo que están haciendo. Su escritura ha sido una bendición para mí. 🙂


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