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The King’s Blessing ~by Pam Balsdon

The Kings Blessing
(temporary cover)


How much can one dream change your life? Faleese discovers the frightening answer as her world changes beyond her imagination.

Faleese’s dreams not only rob her of a normal nights sleep, they steal her parents, her choices, her freedom, her future. As she discovers a world beyond her dreams, she has to rebuild her life and choose whether to follow the Darkness or the Light, when she is one of the few in the grey zone. Join Faleese as she learns how to deal with Kings, corrupt religious leaders and a malignant evil, all intent on destroying the Three Kingdoms; but her real battle is with herself.


Pam Balsdon

About the author:

I’ve always had a love of reading, writing and dreaming; and seek to combine all three in my latest literary foray.
I went to University late in life and to my utter amazement came out with a 2:1 in English Literature.I have four children, a dog and a cat.My husband died suddenly at the beginning of May 2012, so now when I feel least like it, I have to pull the stops out and make a concerted effort at this writing lark or get a job!

favourite books

The Bible
Jane Eyre
Dombey and Son
The Lord of the Rings
Canterbury Tales
The Faerie Queene
Pilgrims Progress

I also like Tolkein, Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Robin Hobb, David & Leigh Eddings, Jennifer Fallon, Kate Elliot & a host of other modern fantasy authors



Beautiful descriptions and a good opener.
You have a great pacing to start things off and draw the reader in.
Your images really come to life.
The idea of your story is so creative and interesting.
Super work with this. I DO really like it. High rating from me. Shelby Z./Driving Winds

I was… immersed in the plight of Faleese consigned to the itinerant ways of her parents, ever on the move to evade a horrible tragedy in their destiny. Handed over to an Accepted Lady supposed to provide her a way out of her repressed existence, Faleese is on her own, without her parents’ protection. She reaches deep inwards for a power lying dormant and wields it against the overlords causing the commoners constant misery. Your work has been buffed to a fine sheen and is a delight to read. Thank you so much for sharing.Kenneth Edward Lim-The North Korean

I love this… what a well-written, and gripping introduction. “All I ask is that you do not judge me too soon. I was a foolish child, a selfish youth, and a proud young woman; but as a mother I began to learn the lessons of life and grew into the person I was always supposed to be.” YES! That is ME, too! Very easy to identify with and your natural writing style simply flows beautifully. Thank you for this wonderful work! High stars! A Woman Inspired-

This is heavy stuff, the dream. I mean the nightmare. Seeing my parents death would kill me. And according to Pa, dreams come true. Well, the author’s was a nightmare so maybe same rule doesn’t apply. Anyway, this is an explosive story, at least the first part. It slow down a bit in the middle but the author introduced punches to keep her readers interest i.e The road down the hill split in two. They took the right”. This remind me of the film, Wrong Turn. I thought same thing was going to happen. Or did same things happened? I must read on. I love the intriguing and suspense aspects. I kept guessing what next and when. RDM- Inside Dead

Check this work out for yourself and leave the author a comment:

Happy Reading! 🙂

The desire to write grows with writing. Desiderius Erasmus


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