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THE iCODE by Karen Fullerton


I’d like to introduce you to yet another undiscovered , yet truly compelling , Christian Science fiction novel.

THE iCODE by Karen Fullerton


In the year 2018, the One World Company has developed a microchip. Elizabeth and her friends must stop them, or everyone will get chipped!


In the year 2018, Elizabeth Williams has a prophetic dream which comes true. She discovers that the One World Company has developed the iChip. Elizabeth and Bud Anderson join forces to stop them. Otherwise everyone will get chipped!


Elizabeth meets a Watcher named Henry Percy. He believes in the existence of a one world government. Elizabeth gives Henry Percy documents which need to be decoded.


Elizabeth Williams meets Michael Spencer. He has in his possession a flash drive, which consists the name of the names of the ten men who are in the One World Government. They will usher in a plan, in which China will take control of the The United States.


About the author:


Karen Fullerton

I live north of San Antonio, TX.

Publishers may contact me at

The iCode is a full-length novel complete at 83,491 words.

Book Cover: by Bradley Wind


Reviews of THE iCODE:

The character comes across strongly as she faces challenges with the situation she is placed into. It blends with the current time we are facing and has demonstrated the reality, although a story, which can happen. Over all, it is very engaging to read about the many possibilities of where technology can go in a fearful but wonderful way. Well done. Millicent
Wings of an Eagle

Oneworld is a book that comes to life from the page. It drew my attention and I find it very marvelous. I’m not much of a religious person, but I was not drawn away by this at all. I found this smart, clever and intellectually engaging and splendid. Your writing is powerful is something that needs to be experienced. Good job. JC Whitfield-A Proclamation of Death

This is an imaginative, creative, well-written story.As a middle-school age and younger adolescent novel, this, I think, will become a very popular book once it’s published and will be used by the Lord to really meet a need! Your insights and faith are so apparent in your work and the truth simply shines even through your fictional writing. Good work. You have my prayers and best wishes for the publication and success of your book!Patricia Laster
Breaking Free

This is a great end times story. You’ve built up suspense quite skillfully, with Elizabeth nervous about going to this temp job, the stern woman at work watching over her like a hawk, Elizabeth finding the computer files and taking them, and then the storm. I think your story moves along smoothly, and I followed along very easily. I liked your story! Best wishes, Kara- A Gate Called Beautiful

Enjoyed your story. It’s very fitting for this day and age, It seems to me that, perhaps a few closer encounters with the baddies might make it a bit more exciting, but a great plot about good and evil, very well told and follows along with Biblical Prophecy as I understand it. I am looking forward to the rest of the story.Wishing you the best: Henry E Allen—-Before the Beginning

Karen, you have done a wonderful job, giving the reader a glimpse into the future and perhaps preparing those for what lies ahead. Six stars. Dianna Lanser-Nothing But The Blood

You have a refreshing style that’s eloquent and captivating. You transport the reader with ease, keeping the pages turning with an intriguing story and great dialogue. Backed with pleasure.Laurence Howard, The Cross of Goa

Very impressive beginning that pulls the reader in instantly. Mrs Strand is a tough woman to work for. Her character comes out brilliantly. Elizabeth is well described too. Your writing is excellent.  Daniela Pitakova- Water Goblin
I feel that http://www.OneWorld is a very interesting type of novel that is, for lack of a better word, quite novel. In a sense it blends the cyberpunk genre with a modern day story. It’s as if we took the Blade Runner world and wound back time a bit to see how the universe got into that state. Call it the dawn of the new cyber age I suppose. I’ve read a lot of cyberpunk type of books, but never have I found a novel that shows us the beginning of that type of world.

Beyond the excellent plot, author Karen Fullerton does a great job of bringing us into the story. Elizabeth is a very believable main character, savvy but not really with any special skills. She’s the girl next door and someone we want to root for when an ordinary person is brought into extraordinary circumstances.

The dialog is spot on, and acted as a bit of a treat every time it came up. All the characters are true to life, and seem to speak perfectly based on their personalities (when we have a chance to get to know them), social status and motivations. The pacing for the story is quite good, as it should be since this is kind of a historical cyber-thriller, and will keep readers interested.

The two suggestions I have are more marketing based than anything else. I would change the name of the book. The site at is currently owned by some type of airline booking company. What I would do is find a URL that is not being used, something like OneCyberWorldUnitedTogether or something like that, and change the name of the company in the book too, along with the title. Buy that URL and at the very least park it. But how great would it be if you put up a site that advertised the book there? Agents I think would find that really slick, and when the book was published, you would get a popular URL to boot where you could promote yourself, sell advertising or whatever you wanted. Secondly, I would push the years back just a bit. It will probably take longer than two years to get this book published, and you want the action to be in the future, if the near future, though this could easily be changed later as needed.

This is a very good read and I’m excited to see how things turn out. John Breeden II-Old Number Seven

If you’d like to check out this new book for yourself and leave the author a comment, you can read for FREE at:

Happy Reading! 🙂

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