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The Devil’s Crown ~ by Kerron Lee Morgan

Now is your chance to check out another new and rising star in the Christian speculative fiction genre! I’d like to introduce you to the very talented and imaginative, Kerron Morgan

In Its Own Time 1 : The Devil's Crown~ by Kerron Morgan

                 In Its Own Time 1 :              The Devil’s Crown
Kerron Morgan

Alric AbuBakkr Reid and Theodore Carmichael have been friends since childhood, but their lives take dramatic turns,influenced by the supernatural.

Theodore Carmichael and Alric AbuBakkr Reid have been friends since childhood, but their lives and their friendship are about to be put to the ultimate test. It all began for the AbuBakkr Reids over two thousand years ago, a legacy this generation knew little of. Until the day the sacred heirloom hidden by Abdu AbuBakkr Reid, for almost two hundred years, was discovered. But a curse also dogs them and over the years something sinister stalks them, biding its time, waiting for the revelation, waiting for Alric AbuBakkr Reid. Theodore Carmichael is driven and ambitious, he is poised to become the next Attorney General of the state of Florida, but he finds that he might have to make compromises that may cost him his very soul, even as they seem to secure all his worldly ambitions.


Kerron Morgan

About the Author:

Kerron Morgan lives in Jamaica West Indies with her husband and children. She has written several short stories which were published in the literary arts section of the Jamaica Observer.
Kerron Morgan received an award for her short story entry- ‘Full Free,” in The Jamaica Cultural Development Creative Arts Competition in 2005.
She is now completing her first novel- The Devil’s Crown- in the series -In Its Own Time.

Favorite books:

A Voice in the Wind-Francine Rivers
As Sure As the Dawn-Francine Rivers
An Echo in the Darkness-Francine Rivers
Piercing The Darkness- Frank Peretti
This Present Darkness- Frank Peretti
The Trilogy-Black, Green, White- Ted Dekker
Blink-Ted Dekker
Blessed- Bill Bright and Ted Dekker
A Man Called Blessed- Bill Bright and Ted Dekker
Demon-Tosca Lee
Jazz – Toni Morrison
The Bluest Eye – Toni Morrison
Sula- Toni Morrison
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings- Maya Angelou
Wouldn’t Take Nothing for my Journey Now-Maya Angelou
The Covenant- Beverly Lewis
The Sin Eater-Francine Rivers
The Negotiator- Dee Henderson
Rooms-James Rubbart

Author websites:


Recent Reviews:

“Powerful opening: “Swooshing sounds . . . unbearable stench . . . evil comes.” The amosphere is set for an encounter no human would want and you take the reader into that encounter. I like the flow, the pace, and the intensity in your writing, and then you bring a beautiful description that breaks up the tension, i.e., “…and for a while the wanton, happy carefree feeling he’d had during the days of childhood bathed him — a pleasant gift.” As a reader, I breathed alongside of him. Especially after the intense scenes between the evil spirits — which personifying them, their interaction and discussion entirely unknown to the human characters, reminded me of C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. Very interesting way you did that. Worth pondering. I thought you nailed the characteristics of each spirit.

You’ve developed mom’s personality very well. Perhaps the strongest impact was with the son’s words, “my memory of you is not of someone joyful.” That line tells a lot. But more than the bondage of self-pity, you showed the great weight of affliction. “~T. Donna Robison, No Kiss Goodbye

“I have read nothing like this, it was very moving. (The author) care(s)  a lot about what (she) writes and it came over very well, I wanted to be there and comfort those ladies.”~Lenny Banks, Tide and Time: At The Rock

“Great story telling and great story line. It is interesting to see how it really may be in the spiritual realm as families and individuals are targeted. As mentioned by others the interaction between the demon spirits is quite interesting and does add a bit of humour. Looking forward to see the story develop… how both families which seem worlds apart will continue to interface and what major challenge/s the Reid’s family, particularly Alric, will face and what may cost Teddy his soul. Definitely an author to watch. Anticipating the completion of this book and looking forward to sequels.”~Lou Lee

‘…a good writer and story teller! Your words flow smoothly and you have some interesting twists to your story. I was completely surprised with Chapter 9….didn’t see that coming at all. You gave me some interesting things to think about with the demon spirits… very interesting to me. I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything like that. Original! I think this is a story that’s going to stay with me for quite awhile.”~Jane Lawry,The Genealogists: On Holy Ground

“This ís a great story with fantastic imagery. The opening scene is spectacular and details a comprehensive and colorful history which is promised to be fulfilled in the story with the family curse and the demon the gifted sword. The introduction has some clear and convincing characterizations and just as the reader is lulled into their false sense of calm, the demons appear again – this time as actual possessors. What struck me the most was the way that you played with the image of them inhabiting the person and talking together in the invisible world each having their own character. This was so well choreographed that the reader is left with a very clear picture of the danger and influence that they wield. Very scary stuff!”~P. Schneidewind, The Self-Healing Soul

Check out the work of this fantastic author at:

Then drop a line and let her know what you think.

Happy Reading!

“Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe.” Truman Capote


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