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Like Corns on My Toes ~ by Ashara

Growing up in church, the minister’s daughter, is supposed to mean you are protected. Sometimes, it only means you are accessible to the wrong people.

“At dinnertime she and I would stand side by side in the kitchen. He would walk in the back door, both of us turning to see this giant in our lives, holding both of us prisoner with the bigness of him being a man and us being only women. No words, only a nodding of his head, a walking away from us to other rooms filled with silence that killed and feelings left unspoken, unnamed. And he would pray that same prayer every night – calling on God to bind the devil, keep him out our house, our lives. The devil – keep him out – what a joke. What a laugh. Me and mama . . . we never talked about it. And that silence, it was death to us – kept us dead and always dying. Kept us with no comfort to give; none to take.”

“There’s lot’s of us – folks hurt by parents, uncles, pastors, good every Sunday go to church, jump, shout, and holler church folks. Some even speak in tongues, see visions, feed the poor.”

“Like Corns on My Toes” could be the story of any other girl, in any other church


About the Author:


Writing – not just an art, but a spiritual connection to those you know, those you wish to know, those you create; to . . . whatever and whomever you wish.

When not writing, I knit, watch old movies, read loads of fiction, political satire, and anything that strikes my fancy, and I sing all the time.

Agents interested in my work, Like Corns on My Toes, or who may want to see other things I’ve written, may contact me at: kstafford at (all lowercase letters)

Author’s favorite  books:

My All Time Absolute Favorite work of fiction: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
ALL Dickens – since I was 6 – LOVE his work
Absoluely adore Shakespeare
Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte
Jane Austen stories
The Holy Bible – my preference, The King James Version
Anthology of Negro Poetry 1768 – 1949
Beloved – Toni Morrison
Of Mules and Men – Zora Neale Hurston
Jonah’s Gourd Vine – Zora Neale Hurston
Tell My Horse – Zora Neale Hurston
Poetry by Margaret Walker, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Countee Cullen
Agatha Christie Mysteries
Sherlock Holmes – all of the stories



I love your descriptions of the devout and decent Henley. His behavior stands in stark contrast to the behavior of Mr. Sorley and Mae Lou and the Preacher. I’m really impressed at the complexity of the characters you’ve drawn as you share this real-life story. Reverend Donovan, particularly, has tremendous depth.
Taking me from the finding of Marvin’s body to Ernest’s childhood! Shame on you, woman. I’m going to keep reading but will close my review now. This is awesome!!~ Audrey Bennett, Forgiveness Fits

Powerful writing! Great dialogue.~Sue50

This is exceptionally good. I would echo every compliment (others) have showered upon you. I’ve read many novels of the Deep South by James Lee Burke and others and this is right up there. Top level! Six stars.

Camac Johnson, Hemingway Quest

Love always transforms the demons.
It is surely not what happens to us in life that defines us – but how we decide to relate TO it. Your story demonsrated it so beautifully. Higly starred. Leela Saachi, When fear comes home to Love

What a scorcher! I don’t know who to hate more, Anna Mae or that uncle Marvin! And the father is pitiful too…I don’t know how Shena forgave him in the end. I’ll be recommending this to a few friends, Ashara, this really should be published!~Derek Zee


An edge of your seat page turner that begs to be checked out @

Read it for FREE and then drop me a line about it! 🙂


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