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Georgina’s Family ~ Maria Constantine

If you’re looking for a book  full of hope, humor, romance and speaks on second generation cultural differences this is the book for you!


Georgina reaches a crossroad in her life and needs to make changes; will her decision act as a catalyst for change within her family?

There has to be more to life; I am alive, but not living – these are the thoughts that torment Georgina as she prepares to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. Taking stock of her life would require challenging some of the Greek values and traditions she has been raised with.

‘Georgina’s Family’ is a novel which centres on Georgina and her eldest sister, Katherina. Professionally they are both doing well – one as a teacher, the other as a City broker, but on a personal level they need to resolve inner conflicts if they are to find happiness.

Katherina’s life changes as a new broker enters her team and she is forced to face a secret that she has kept buried for many years. Their younger sister, Sophia, is regarded as the rebel of the family and life in the Andreou household is full of love, conflict and laughter.

Relationships are challenged and secrets revealed as the sisters go on holiday to Greece. Georgina needs to find the courage to lead the life she wants to lead as opposed to the life she is expected to lead.




Favourite past times include learning foreign languages, travelling and experiencing different cultures. I have yet to visit a country that has not inspired me in one way or another.
I am currently revising ‘Georgina’s Family’… I have learned that the journey is just as important.



I absolutely love this book. It has broad universal appeal that I think would be of interest to adult men and women of all ages. I did not previously know anything about Greek family culture. I can see some wonderful positives to it but some negative restrictions as well. That is part of the appeal of the book…you take me into an interesting world that is foreign to my Southern California diluted German/Scottish/English/Norwegian/American roots. Your characters, dialogue, and plot are first-rate, and the story has a very wholesome feel to it but with a lot of depth to consider in the issues covered.~Bart Jahn, The High Standards of God in the End Times

This is a lovely family story made up of a strong plot, interesting characters, and good food. The imagery of the food is so good that I broke my reading up into two settings in order to go to a local Greek restaurant – wow, was that good! smile. Seriously, you do an awesome job of describing a family party: all the anticipation, tension, good times, and great food that were a part of it.

Wonderful characters in Sophia, youngest sister; Georgina, middle sister; Katherine, eldest sister; Dimitri, brother spoiled by all the women in the family, and the mother, Christina. Great imagery of many aspects of the life of this family: shared meals, “broxenia” or “the Greek version of a blind date with marriage being the expectation.” (I laughed out loud at that). Beyond the family, I enjoyed the description of Georgina’s day at school – as the teacher. It reminded me a lot of my own public school teaching days.

Marvelous story of the glorious, colorful, full-of-life, participants in a Greek family drama. I hope this finds a publisher soon. This is a delightful, charming look at a warm, loving domestic culture and customs with which most of us are unfamiliar.~Patricia A. Johnson-Laster, Break Free!

I really enjoyed reading what you have here. You are most certainly a very talented writer!
What a story! Even your pitch had me!
“Alive but not living…” Wow! Just wow! That is only a sample of the MANY unique and well turned phrases that just flow throughout your work! I only WISH I had HALF the talent that flows from your pen! Highly starred.~Laura A. Diaz, They Call Me Blanca, Come What May

Checkout this unique voice in Christian women’s fiction @

Then drop a line and let me know what you thought of it.

“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.” RALPH WALDO EMERSON


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