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A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing ~ by Barnard Cullen

Timothy’s a sheep who dreams of being a wolf. He runs away to become one, but the grass is not greener and events turn deadly.

Timothy Sheep is bored with the peaceful Meadows and frustrated with Orthodox-sheep telling him what he can’t do. His parents don’t understand him and he’s picked on by bullies. He dreams of becoming a fearless wolf and teaching everyone a lesson, then he finds a wolf-skin …

Through adventures and misadventures, plus some creative lying and bluffs, Timothy joins the Wolf Pack. He finds ‘clothes do make the sheep’. Dressing and acting like a wolf transforms him into one. After he’s accepted, he discovers other wannabe-wolves have slipped in, too. Soon, Timothy’s enjoying the wild-life, howling and playing with friends late as he wants. He’s living his dreams.

But dreams become nightmares as the wolves’ brutal nature is revealed. With wolves killing wolves, can a ‘SHEEP IN WOLF’S CLOTHING’ survive? Too ashamed of his actions to return home to the Meadows and Flock, can Timothy protect his new girl or any of his wannabe friends? Soon he’s changed irrevocably as he’s forced to fight for his life. Will he live to learn any lessons from his wolf experiences?

Parodying gang involvement and its violence, this story is suitable for Middle-Grade and Christian markets.


Christian Author
Barnard Cullen

About the Author:

Barnard Cullen
“Sheep…” is a Middle-Grade level Christian based fantasy of a talking sheep who wants to be a wolf. It parodies a good kid joining a gang.

Timothy, by looking like a wolf is perceived to be one. Through a series of fibs and accidents, he not only joins the Pack, but convinces many that he is a “wolf’s wolf”. At first it is the answer to TImothy’s dreams, but joining the gang becomes the worst choice of his life.

I am targeting a Christian novel contest for “Sheep…” in September and have recently posted a version on Wattpad.
My second novel is a science fiction story about a space fleet of female clones from a Hive species that invades the earth. It has a viable alien culture and believable alien personalities. I hope my readers find them intriguing.

I develop many threads in this story as I follow individual scientific, political, and military characters around the globe as they compete to be the first to contact an alien race. These individuals will, live and die, resist or surrender, love and hate,… in short they are human beings with failings and lives that are all interupted by events they struggle to control.

Even in the midst of their struggles for conquest or defeat, these two races are about to discover a shocking revelation that will shatter both the clones of the Hive and humans of Earth forever.

my websites



Marvelous allegory for young people. The story captures the eye and the temptations Timothy deals with can easily draw the young reader along. I’ve read enough to know that this book’s plot, story line and message are all impressive. The conversations are logical and the development of characters is impressive.~Joyce Fox,  Slave To Grace

This is a wonderfully written story. It brings the sheep to live in by adding Human characterization to the sheep and wolves. It is great for young readers and adults. It shows the problems of young and old in relationships. Timothy is dissatisfied with his sheep-world. So he goes off to become a wolf, which seems more free. The story talks about dissatified with our own world and try to change to some other world. We all face that at some time. In the Christian world people can get bored and want to change things. This leads to many problems like Timothy.

It does us all good to read this story and pay attention to the message it holds. It shows how we react to our station in life and want to change it only to end up in trouble. We need to learn the lesson this book provides.

~Don R. Budd, Demon War


One of the bests allegorical stories for Children Christian fiction books I have read.  Check it out on:

And then let me know what you thought!  Happy Reading! 🙂


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