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Jessup and the Teleporter ~ by D. S. Hale

Jessup is caught in the middle of his parent’s ugly divorce. Can a teleporter help him bring them back together, or only make matters worse?

Terrorists want Professor Strunk’s new invention, the Teleporter, because whoever controls it, controls the world. His invention has the power to change the way the world travels, shops, and fight wars. Life on earth would change forever, and not for the good of mankind.

Professor Strunk teleports himself into Jessup Ousley’s television in a desperate attempt to escape the terrorists, but the experiment goes terribly wrong. Now it’s up to twelve-year-old Jessup to save the world. When he decides to harness the teleporter’s power in a side mission to reunite his divorcing parents, Jessup quickly learns from one botched attempt after another, that the press of a button can’t make his problems go away. Machines only make them worse!

This is another very talented author of  one of my favorite genres, YA Christian Speculative Fiction.

D.S. Hale:

D.S. Hale Author of YA Christian Speculative Fiction

I was born and raised in rural Indiana, but moved to rural Kentucky years later. I am happily married to my soulmate, and the mother to 4 sons, a stepmom to 3 boys, and grandma to a darling granddaughter. I’ve been a writer since third grade. In 1981, I won our school’s coveted Writer of the Year award. Two years straight, I won First, then Second place in the Wesleyan Advocate’s writing contest. Then, I had my first publishing experience in my early twenties. Since then, I’ve had articles and short stories published in Christian magazines. My first book was published seven years ago for young adults. I enjoy writing books with teenage characters facing adult situations.

I am actively seeking an agent/publisher. I have three more YA novels written, with more in the works. I am definitely NOT a one-book-wonder!  I want to thank Bradley Wind for my new book cover!  Please contact me at



You plunge the YA reader right in the middle of the story by your use of first person. You clearly know your market and have targeted accordingly. This has energy and brio and is full of the kind of action that would draw kids in. There’s nothing worse than being caught by your peers with the wrong stuff and I really do like the way you highlight the technology that was so last week…. Kids of course, are way more on top of this, as you so cleverly acknowledge, than their parents.

Although the set-up is about a boy caught up in a divorce, this in no way feels like issue-based story-telling. Instead, Jessup’s own adventure is allowed to take over and it does, at break-neck speed.

I like the little details – particularly that Pecos the Labrador features in the story (but that’s maybe because I’m a biased Labrador-owner). I love the dog’s reaction to the sight of the Prof coming out of the TV set…. ‘scrabbling to his feet, claws clicking on the hardwood floor, skidding out of the room as fast as he could.’

This would really lend itself to either an animation – in the Toy Story tradition or a kids TV film. No wonder this is doing so well and I wish you every success with this. Not just here on Autho – but where it really counts – out in the publishing world. Highly starred …
Lambert Nagle – Revolution Earth

I love finding new YA books to add to my classroom library, and when this one becomes available in print, you can bet it will be there. While yes, divorce is a tale told many times, it’s something that so many kids go through, and I feel like books can be so very helpful when it comes to getting them through things like that, so I think you’ve used an experience that really can’t get old or overused. Throwing sci-fi (and comedy) in the mix just makes it 100 times better! I love the plot, and actually, it was your pitch that started me reading, and the way you write that kept me going.
Excellent job! Jessup is a great character – well written, believable, and someone the YA audience can easily relate to. It’s a fun read and very imaginative – something that I think most YA books lack anymore.
A. Greshock-Soothsayer
Supurbly written and most enjoyable! I read it like I was watching a Disney movie. Your writing is concise and descriptive and your narration flows very well. I love youth stories such as this, and I take my grandson to see them when I can. Great imaginative story. I love Jessup’s confidence and planning ability opposite Chris’s fear of everything. Great contrast!

Great story. Very well written for the age group. Many kids who are victims of broken families would love this book. I especially liked the line: “I am a kid with a head full of anger, and hate, and sadness, with a heart as heavy as a rock.” A very apt description of a child’s feelings in those circumstances. Rated six stars.

I was hooked on this story from the first chapter which by the way was excellent. I rarely visit children’s books these days which is quite lamentable but i’m very glad I visited this one.

Not only is the book written in a way which engages middle school readers, which, I have to admit is probably a comfortable place for my reading level too(!) but not once is it preachy nor does it take on the form of adults wanting to be ‘down’ with the kids. You captured Jessup’s state of mine perfectly and brought back memories of my own awareness at the age of 12 and my utter dislike of my dad’s latest girlfriend so I completely had sympathy for your MC. Sympathy? Hell I was cheering and egging him on!

I read chapters 1 through 4 and thought the were a masterclass in how to write children’s book. Your voice is simply perfect for this style of book and the children characters you’ve created are so spot on that I’ve come to the conclusion you chose a certain childhood age a long time ago and decided never to grow up from there. Good for you! For me it’s being early twenties that I never grew out of hence my MC’s are that age too.

Children’s book writers get an unfair deal i think, as children’s books can be notoriously underappreciated financially but i hope very much you push the book in all areas as i believe it’s worth it and any more you’ve got bubbling away. Get yourself an agent a.s.ap. because i feel you work will be loved by kids and the lucky adults that get to read it aloud. Six stars and backing. Very Well Done!

Maria Jose
Check out this highly enertainngYA novel fromnewauthor  D.S. Hale @
Then,drop me a line and let me know what you think!  Happy Reading!:)
“The Christian is the really free man – he is free to have imagination. This too is our heritage. The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.” ~ Francis Schaeffer

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  1. zabba.dabba
    March 10, 2013

    This is certainly an amazing post. Thanks a ton for spending some time to explain all this out I followed the link and the book is cute. Not really my cup of tea but an interesting idea. The link for They Call Me Blanca is the one that has me wired though! Where can I can get this book?!


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