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ISLES END: A Spiritual Thriller by J.F. White

The town of Isles End is where Harry starts over, but a human cloning operation, a woman, and an old chest, create complications.

After a terrible loss, the remote town of Isles End seems a perfect place to start over, so Harry Turner relocates there and begins a small contracting business. While rebuilding a fire-damaged home, Harry finds a chest in the basement and is astonished to find someone not quite human locked inside. The celestial being introduces himself as Narcissus. Over time, the angelic creature takes Harry on several experiences into the supernatural. Is his new friend real, or simply the product of his imagination and broken heart?

J.H.F. White:
I have made a living as a sculptor, musician, and contractor. I am the father of 4 wonderful children, who are all on their own now… :o)
I’m passionate about writing. My work must have depth and meaning to be pleasing to me. Isles End is my first complete novel. I’m now working on my second novel, “The Dreams of Gabriel Green” and hope to have some of it up soon.Thank you for taking a look at ISLES END: A Spiritual Thriller.
I want to thank all the good people I’ve met here. It’s been an extremely enjoyable and unique experience! My book has been improved, thanks to my awesome friends who I met here on authonomy! So, here’s to you… my deepest gratitude! can also see (and “like”) the new finished cover on my FACEBOOK page:
… has the ring of Stephen King about it; Your protagonist is a well drawn portrait of a man who is a natural do-er not a thinker who is incapacitated by grief but trying to lose himself in work which he is obviously more than competent at. The pace is steady and well constructed, good technical descriptions of the site and the work that has to be done, nice relationships with the hired workers and a well handled sense of growing mystery regarding the trunk..goodd air of creepiness… Dave Weaver, Jacey’s Kingdom
…writing is excellent and the passion you have for the story you’re telling really shines through. The characters are well thought out, and I love that they have complicated back-stories that add interest and depth. April Gray, The Illusion
I was completely pulled into the story with the introduction of the first demon. I was captivated by the sentence: Harry shuddered as the growth on the woman’s back began to squirm… My only real thought at this point (I’ve read through chapter 14) is that the beginning of the book is a bit slow.When Narcissus is first introduced he seemed to be more like a genie that escaped out of a bottle, instead of the angelic being that he is later described as. Perhaps if you were to introduce more of the supernatural earlier on in this piece then it would captivate your audience quicker and then they would be as unable to escape from the story as I am…I’m a huge fan of Frank Peretti and your writing reminds me of his other worldly adventures. You have a seemingly natural ability to relay the supernatural with a great ease with which you relate the invisible with your insights into the realm of the spirit. I can see your book being very successful! Highly starred and will put on my WL until I can place on my shelf.  Audrey Semprun, The Back Track Conspiracies

Isles End is a book filled with inspiration, faith and heart! J. H. F. White does an excellent job here of capturing and communicating faith in a well thought out Science Fiction novel that is easily connectable for both lovers of Science Fiction and lovers of many other genres!The main character of his debut novel is Harry Turner, an everyman contractor in Isles End who discovers a chest with a celestial being locked inside. It is through this man and his relations with the people of Isles End and celestial beings that we witness the dark and light of the world. I sat rapt for many hours in the revelations of Isles End and in witness to the love that is born between Harry and his love interest, Beth.To say that I am impressed with this work would be an understatement! I search to inspire others as J. H. F. White does! There is a depth here that I have honestly searched to find in other books and have only found in few. J. H. F. White’s work is of a caliber that deserves to be in the stock of major book stores in the U.S. and around the world and I have faith that one day this book will enhance many lives! I believe it has already begun to.

I leave Isles End with a stronger sense of self and connection with God and I look forward to sharing this wonderful book with my wife soon so that we can discuss the happenings of this well crafted book!

Isles End is a unique work with a large audience, one that will embrace Harry Turner’s tribulations and heart and who will keep this as a stand out work in their own libraries! A gem like this deserves to be published and be seen! It is truly a one-of-a-kind read!  – Scott, author of The Ark of Humanity, Eden Legacy, & Lazarus, Man
This is one of the best Spiritual Thrillers you can read and written by one of the most talented authors in the genre.
Sample it at:
Or purchase it at the above amazon link provided by the author (which I have done). 🙂
“Don’t wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself.” — Sara Henderson

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