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Who Killed The President?~ by JO LYNN

Check out this New Christian historical fiction by a very talented new author, Jo Lynn:

A story set against the background of President McKinley’s assassination at the 1901 Pan American Exposition.

It’s 1901 and the Pan American Exposition is in full swing. Before it ends, a president will be assassinated, the Secret Service will be born, surgery technique will change forever, and a young woman will fall in love.

Follow Elizabeth O’Moran as she’s accused of being responsible for the attempted assassination, has to fight to clear her name, and helping at his surgery, tries to save the President’s life.

The day of the William McKinley’s assassination was recently named one of the top ten days that unexpectedly changed America by the History Channel as the day brought Teddy Roosevelt into office and that began the green movement and conservation of natural resources so important in the world today.


I got hooked when the little girl tore her skirt and cut her leg, and then I thoroughly enjoyed the scene in the “surgery,” with all the entertaining details of the medical procedures of the time and the foolish figure of Doctor Kingdom. Harriet is a delightful, blustery character, and I was charmed right along with the MC by the new intern. I am into chapter five now, and I’m very much caught up in more than one story line. Great job! Excellent narrator’s voice and a wonderful sense of the times.~Elizabeth Buhmann, The Made-Up Man


This is a terrific idea, and very well executed. Your writing is polished and I particularly like the active style – very engaging and gripping voice. The short sentences to create tension are especially well done – for instance in the second chapter with ‘Her skirt tore on a post…’ and again in chapter four when they bump foreheads! Characters are well developed and you handle the first person nicely.~ Cara Gold


If Christian historical fiction is your genre, click the link above and let me know what you think.

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In it are a few books which he wrote himself,
but most of them were written for him.”
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