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Trava by Rebecca Johnson

Beware, child, beware. The Mystery is there!” Childhood chants aren’t just poems anymore. The Mystery draws nigh, and suddenly nothing is safe.

Far over the mountains and down the other side beyond the silver shores of the sea and around the tip of the very farthest island in the very farthest world you know, lies the country of Surn. You may not have heard of it. I’m sure I’ve never seen it mapped. But it is there nonetheless . . .it is home. In all its beauty, simplicity, and terror. Surn. Home of the girl, Jerusha, slave in the house of Trava. It is not particularly nice being a slave. But even slavery is better than deceit. What would you do if someone came into your home and started saying things that weren’t true? Jerusha is about to find out. But her greatest dread is not the unsettling stranger – or even the sudden, dark threats tying her world in knots. No, there is a much greater cause for fear. The unnamed. The unknown. The Mystery of the mountains is drawing nigh.

This is what one reviewer says:
This is great. It’s different – and that’s rare. I really like the authorial voice, addressing the reader, or the character seemingly aware of the reader. I thought the second chapter was excellent – not like anything else I’ve read for a bit. ~Cara Gold author of Dawns Destruction
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