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The Smelting – Refined~ by the Fire E. A. Beckett

This is cutting edge, speculative Christian fiction that you do not want to miss.  Check it out at:

Using biblical fantasy to examine the destruction of families through suicide and abuse, angels and demons use teenage siblings to carry out spiritual warfare.


I was just trying to decide what I should do for mother when I heard her talking on the phone to her friend Charla. “Could you drive me to the hospital?” I heard her say. Now I was in shock all over again. The police officer had asked her several times if she felt she needed medical attention and she kept saying “no, she was fine.” I didn’t think I was capable of feeling worse and then my stomach flipped and threatened to spill whatever fluid it could summon as another shocking realization hit me: mother had lied to the officers about how badly she was hurt to protect Jason.
– Annette and her family are in the middle of a spiritual war involving angels and demons and her brother Jason is the pawn that the demons use to control them all. Because of their love for Jason, the demons are able to have unlimited access to the entire family. Is the help of an angel enough for Annette to help Jason or will she fall into the pit with him?


This is a unique, imaginative story which shows tremendous amount of work and has the makings of a very good novel. Your plot is complex but with a clear point of focus: light representing good and darkness representing evil (as it does in the Bible).

That is a captivating beginning: Annette in heaven at the age of 14. It makes the reader want to know more – much more – about what happend to Annette. Your imagery of heaven is marvelous! (It reminds me a lot of the way people who have life-after-death experiences describe heaven). And, when Annette choses to accept God’s mission for her by becoming light, you gave a delightful description of how Cory, Seth (also lights) and Annette communicated.

You develop very interesting characters: even though we don’t like Jason when he’s demon-possessed, we still recognize the love Annette has for him and for her parents (despite her depression sometimes and feelings that they didn’t care about her). I also enjoy the character, Uriel (angel) and the dialogues between Uriel and Annette were natural and well-written.

What a battle Annette had to fight in order to remove the demons from Jason! But you described the battle well – the drama, the agony of it.

All in all, this is a very involving, and, in the end, uplifting and inspirational story. ~ Patricia A. Johnson-Laster, Break Free!


What a fantastic imagination you have! And you are able to write in a very clear way in order to express it – a powerful combination! I like your descriptions and the way you look at light and darkness – very original. I also like the way you describe Annette’s thoughts – was it an hallucination, was she going mad or did she have a brain tumour? The brother/sister relationship is also very interesting – and I love a happy ending!~Margaret Weston,How do I know I know God?


Check this highly imaginative work by a very talented writer at the above link and let me know your thoughts. 🙂

“You are so… 11:59” ― Scott WesterfeldThe Secret Hour


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