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The Dragon’s Son~ by Kathryn Fogleman

This YA, Christian fantasy book is a must-read that is written by a highly talented new Christain author, Kathryn Fogleman .  Check out her work at:

Keegan refuses to believe he is anyone significant. When a sorceress sets things into motion that cannot be undone, Keegan’s worldview must change.


His family was ripped from him, his home destroyed, & all that he loved taken away from him in a single day. The event changed his life, but only when he met a dragon was the change complete, as had been predicted.
Keegan is filled with hate, & resentment. He denies that he is important, or is meant to do something great, yet he searches for fulfillment in his life, and to fill an emptiness in his heart and soul.
A princess that’s thrust into his life only complicates matters, but when an evil sorceress starts to hunt him, everything he knows in life changes again. Suddenly his friends are in danger of suffering a terrible fate. His own life is at risk as he must learn to battle strange creatures of darkness, but more importantly, his mentor, a great dragon, is in mortal danger.
Things only get worse when Keegan learns that if he does not stop the sorceress, the woman he loves, and all the known world, will come to a most undesired end.
Thus, he is forced into truly becoming that which he has denied and avoided his whole life: the Dragon’s Son.


There is a medieval feel to this high fantasy tale of dragon slayers collecting wood for fires and wielding swords. The history, traditions and motivations of the ‘Wovlen’ are presented entertainingly. We are introduced to a number of characters and the warmth of the family/tribal trelationships is clear. it is a ‘Coming of Age’ saga with Keegan’s tale not dissimilar to that of Frodo Baggins or Luke Skywalker as he uncovers the truth about his Wovlen dragon slaying ancestors and the mystery of the dragon stone he has been given as a 12th birthday present by his father. The prolonged battle scene as the mysterious dark strangers and their accomplices attack the village is peresented in a thrilling manner and Keegans character is demonstrated in action as the desperate struggle and tragedy unfolds.Escaping by the skin of his teeth into the forest he encounters a dragon only to find that friendship ( as well as roast venison and cold showers) is offered him and that perhaps these creatures have been misunderstood by the Wovlen. Pharrgon the dragon is clearly going to offer him information and support as he follows the path to his currently hidden destiny. There is a tendency for too many adjectives in places and I think Keegans reflections on the battle when he reaches the forest could be reduced as there is some repetition which slows the pace. The action scenes are very good indeed in this and the authors created world is a convincing and intriguing one. I am not usually a fan of fantasy but this is a cut above~Brian Todd


Check out this new talent for yourself and drop us a line! 🙂

“Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.”
― Terry Pratchett


3 comments on “The Dragon’s Son~ by Kathryn Fogleman

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  2. steven.crutz
    March 10, 2013

    I discovered your site when I googled “Christian multicultural authors”. I’ve checked quite a ton of of your early posts.
    Keep on the top notch operation! I really am happy I found this and will be back looking for more books.


  3. Mamireads
    March 9, 2013

    Fantastic! A whole lot of helpful information here.
    I am sending it to several friends.
    And of course, thanks for your sweat! 😉


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