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Now to Him~ by Faith Rose






Check out this new  and compelling book that offers hope in the midst of  all too real hardships this life can hand out.


He struggled to eat, to sleep, to crawl.
Then…to play, to imagine, to interact.
And then, as he grew, he even struggled to behave…

This collection of true short stories centers around the theme of raising a child on the Autism spectrum. Written in first person from a mother’s perspective, these stories are snapshots of a real family encountering the challenges and triumphs of a developmental disability.

The nine chapters showcase separate narratives, which are connected as Ephesians 3:20-21 (“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask…”) is gently woven throughout the book. A sense of raw humanity is revealed by encompassing moments of deep pain, isolation, and even despair. Yet the focus continually brings hope through an abiding faith in God’s presence and purpose.

The content of this piece is specific in nature, but its impact is intended to reach far beyond the Autism community to touch those experiencing hardships of all kinds, even the ones that cannot be easily remedied—the very hardships that tend to leave the fragile human soul with mere scraps of faith and the honest, humble plea: “Now to Him…”



Now To Him is the heart-felt account of one faith-filled mother’s love for her son. The book inspires the reader to a closer walk with the One who is able to keep us all from falling. It makes us look at our own circumstances with gratitude and gives a deeper perspective of what God is trying to accomplish in our daily struggling and stumbling. This is a book of hope, commitment and great, great love. By reading this, you will be encouraged and challenged to allow God to do his perfect work in you.~ Dianna Lanser, Nothing But The Blood


Now to Him is written with such skill that you can feel the love coming off the pages. While this book could have been written in novel form, I think it reads a lot better as a collection of short stories centered on an autistic child growing up. There are moments in Now to Him that are so powerful, I think they might get lost within a novel. But this way the reader is able to get the setup, the main part of the short story, an emotional or teaching moment, and then the chapter’s conclusion within a few minutes. The stories are all linked of course, so there is no disconnect. Pacing is perfect, and I can see a lot of “just one more chapter before bed” moments until it’s very late into the night.

Author Faith Rose writes with authority and believability. It’s clear that she really went through these events, and readers will feel humbled to share her joys and pain.

There is also a religious theme to the book, but this is not over the top to the point that those who don’t believe will be turned away. Instead it shows the good that people of faith do, a subtle but important distinction from books that simply say that God is great. I would call Now to Him more inspirational than religious.

I was surprised to find such a gem so far outside what I normally read. A lot of that is attributable to the skill of the author, but also to the fine way the book is configured. Now to Him would be a success in both the Christian and mainstream markets once published. ~John Breeden II, Old Number Seven


Get a box of tissue and then click the link above to check it out for yourself.  Let me know what you think. 🙂


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