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Jane: Redefined by Alice Kim

Check out this  edgy, YA Christian Comedy by an amazing new author, Alice Kim:

Jane believes God will forgive her for acting against her convictions in pursuing that dream guy, after all, she’s only seeking to save the lost.

High school senior, Jane Emerson, isn’t one to attract attention, especially from the male population. She was perfectly content with that until a humiliating incident catches the eye of her secret crush, Jeremy Jenkins. What’s a people-pleasing, melodramatic, overly-imaginative Christian girl to do? Make Jeremy a mission field, of course!

Go to parties every weekend? Done. Diss your most steadfast friends and pay no mind when one of them is about to drop kick a crowd of touchy, feely drunks? Easy peasy. Lie to the parents, get labeled a “Jesus-freak”, and drink that weird/awful concoction someone calls “orange soda”? Check, check, and check. Be so passionately kissed, it could only be labeled as epic? Absolutely. Being a missionary has its share of dangers and perks.

Despite being blind to the obvious, Jane is blessed with loyal friends. Isaac Martinez won’t let her out of his sight even though it’s his kisses that are mistakenly credited to Jeremy. And when Cora Friedman has a heart-to-heart “slut” talk with Jane, everything is poised to change.

A Humorous light-hearted romantic novel that hits all the right buttons, for it intended audience,Well done !
After reading…I can say that this book…is now on that road to success.High school pupils will read this in drove, enjoy, and will see themselves in your book.
Yes, it’s edgy and certainly up to the minute in think thought, and at the same time having that delightful, innocent touch to the story-line; in an easy readable style’ In it’s genre it gets my six stars with pleasure–Tom Bye,From Hugs to Kisses

Check this out at the link above and drop me a line! 🙂

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. –Anais Nin


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    March 7, 2013

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