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If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen Can I Get A Discount On Six? ~ by Elizabeth Kathleen

This is a book that  will not only “crack-you-up” but as the mother of seven children myself, I found myself nodding in agreement in between my Laugh- Out-Loud snorting and giggling.  ( Yes, I tend to snort when I laugh.  For more on that read my Freelance article for  BlueSuitMom Magazine 🙂 )

Please check out this highly entertaining book by Kathleen Elizabeth at:

Need a laugh that brings sunshine and chases those storm clouds away? Open the cover of this book and start smiling!

And you thought your family was funny! Try being caught in an elevator with policeman afraid you’re about to deliver, riding in a vehicle with a dog who had rolled to his delight in another dog’s excrement, mistaking hemorrhoids for a baby in the delivery room, blow-drying a half naked toddler’s pants in the Smithsonian. In her quirky, lighthearted memoir, Elizabeth Kathleen shares the mayhem and fun of mothering a busy household. From clothing mishaps to outlandish pets, this family has seen it all. Things as simple as washing a dog turn into a comedy event when there are a dozen extra hands in the mix. Follow the fun-filled account of raising six children born within seven years! Shiloh, Abigail, Josiah, Elijah and twins Isaiah and Loru with their mom, Elizabeth Kathleen and guard dog, Mr. Fuzzy, will keep you entertained with their everday antics and leave you asking, If Children Are Cheaper by the Dozen, Can I Get a Discount on Six?

(This) work could also be called The Perils of Motherhood, Driving a Van and Dog Ownership. I certainly got comedic relef in(the) protagonist’s embarassing moments although I sympathized with her and cheered her through her travails.
(The) prose is straightforward with a conversational style easy to follow and appreciate, (the) dialogue quirky and outlandish. Thank you so much for the entertaining read!~Kenneth Edward Lim, The North Korean
Please check it out and share your thoughts! 🙂
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2 comments on “If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen Can I Get A Discount On Six? ~ by Elizabeth Kathleen

  1. TheoS.
    March 8, 2013

    Attractive and entertaining content. I just stumbled upon your blog and ireally enjoyedyour posts. Anyway I will will be foowing your blog and writing.


  2. CharlieLivesHere
    March 7, 2013

    I’m really digging what you’re doing here.Don’t stop caring and keep providing entertaining and inspiring book and video links.


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