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The Survival Guide For Pastor’s Kids ~ by Deborah “D.e.e.p.” Mouton

A truly unique YA book that is long over-do and  ready for its audience.

Check it out at:

Parent a Pastor or Minister? Equip yourself with the basic tools that will help you survive ministry and the church without falling apart.

The Survival Guide for Pastor’s Kids, is a book written by a Pastor’s Kid for Pastor’s kids. Being a Minister is hard work and being the child of a minister is at times impossible. With the new responsibility of sharing your parents with an entire congregation and a pressure for perfection, the weight of your parents’ new position may cause you to question many things including your faith. This guide helps walk you through tips and secrets to what to expect and how to escape losing the family you once knew for the new calling in your life. While recommended for youth, this guide serves as an enlightening insight for Pastor’s and Ministers who want to relate better to their children and build stronger family ties.


This is a must read for all children of ministers, missionaries, and pastors! As a Christian whose field is child psychology, this would be required reading for my students, many of whom grew up as children of ministers, if I were still teaching! Actually, I think the guide is good for any child whose parents are leaders in their church. I recognize how it is directed to specific young people whose parents are ministers church: “unfortunately it also means people will place highexpectations on you that are unfair and unreasonable.” But the steps you outline and the Scripture you quote would answer a lot of the questions that many children in a Christian home ask.

This book is brilliant and it is written beautifully. I’ve no suggestions for improving your writing as I find no flaws.
The length of your sentences, paragraphs, and chapters should appeal to young people and the steps you suggest are well within their reach. You write in a clear, compelling way with obvious empathy that young folks will appreciate and to which they’ll be attracted. I do hope you go on to add more chapters – perhaps of a more general nature and directed to any child from parents who are leaders (deacons, elders, etc.) in their church.

This is a professional, inspired, informative book that should be in all of our churches and Christian homes! Excellent work! and prayers for its publication.~Patricia A. Johnson-Laster, Break Free!

Check it out for yourself at the above link and let me know what you think.


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