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Crowded (Deep River High)~ by Shaina Cilimberg

Christian, YA,  Realistic Fiction at its best.:)

Cole Martin is a new Christian and dating Emily Davis. He loses her trust after sexting another girl and is now trying to win her back. But it’s not easy with the competition. Enter the handsome Josh Summers.
Josh Summers is plagued by the demons of his past and struggles with controlling himself in order to be a stronger Christian. He thinks Emily would be the one to help him.

Emily is torn between them both. For a while she enjoys being fought over, but realizes how destructive the competition between Cole and Josh has become. Who will Emily choose?  Find out in “Crowded”



I enjoyed this book. It clearly raises some issues that are perhaps taboo. Male bulimia, abortion, therapy for the male after abortion, self harming, friendship and personal relationships with God. All themes woven in what is fundamentally about teenagers falling in love. Watching the character, Josh, fall into a spiral of self destruction was difficult. I wanted to scream out that no All loving God would want a man to feel so consumed and broken by guilt. A teenage perspective of abortion and some graphic scenes from the characters imagination are disturbing, it’s easy to see why anti abortionist sensational images have played havoc with his mind and almost sent him mad. It brings home to me how the label “Christian” is something you are, but Christianity is not always what you do…..a true christian follows the example of Christ and forgives, does not make judgement and loves and understands, something other characters in the book are perhaps unable to practice.

Thought provoking read.~Sarria




4 comments on “Crowded (Deep River High)~ by Shaina Cilimberg

  1. Kassie.Montalvo
    March 7, 2013

    It’s rare knowledgeable folks for this topic, but you got some good stuff goin on here gurl!:) Thanks


  2. brandon_foret
    March 7, 2013

    i love to listen on audiobooks while travelling on
    a bus, You think you could review some on this genre? Or do they exist?


  3. christopher.mcdade
    March 6, 2013

    I can’t really help but greatly admire your blog here. Its so adorable and nice. The music video links give a really good punch for your reviews. Thanks. This was fun 🙂


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