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Come What May~by Laura A.Diaz

A devotional collection of short story and poetic musing geared to Women’s fiction.

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In life, we face a multitude of crossroads and choices.
Choices that leave in their path “what-if?” And once we choose a path, we can rarely go back to see where the other would have lead.

The story “Come What May” is the first in this timely collection. It introduces us to Cayla .
As a college student, Cayla met with a crossroad-choice that would haunt her and leave her wondering ‘what-if?’
And with ‘what-if’ dogging your steps like a tired pack mule, does anyone really get a ‘what-if-free’ happy ending this side of heaven?
This is one woman’s struggle with ‘what-if,’ and how she has dealt with it.
Or has she?

This whole collection is full to overflowing with moments that will make you laugh-out-loud and nod your head. It is topped off, like icing on a cake, with a poem that wraps up the whole ‘what-if’ theme and a concluding chapter that gives you a glimpse of the author’s take on this.


It is rare that something touches me this closely. I cried with Cayla, and laughed with Cayla, and felt the butterflies in my stomach as Cayla remembered everything her and Daniel had and then again as she saw him walking towards her. I was there I saw her and her granddaughter is beautiful. Bless young Kelly, I’m glad she didn’t succeed with the cord, but I can see why she thought of that. I hurt for her. I wanted to wrap her in my arms and tell her that it’s ok, but GOD did and he is so much better than I would have been. Tears come into my eyes as I write this. I have never before seen a book so very unique, and your talent for storytelling, I am in awe of. By the way– “It’s all good!!!”~ Bethany Anne


I have tremendous admiration for (this) work, as well as a special fondness for (the author’s) story-telling gift. This is a story that is truly woven, not simply told. As Cayla and Art unravel bit-by-bit, I am drawn to them– even befriending them. (The) word pictures are amazing… and so outside the typical, usual descriptions (“cheetos-orange mug,” “bunny-slippered feet,” and “ever-unruly curly bob”). There is such an authenticity here as well, with REAL happenings that make me smile, such as: “junk click delete.” From the chapter titles like ‘Classy Ties and Oodles of Time,’ to the refreshing word choice, to the story line itself, this piece oozes with imagination, creativity, and love. This is the kind of story I would truly read from cover to cover… the kind of book I would undoubtedly purchase and put on my personal bookshelf one day. A lovely piece.~ Faith Rose, Now To Him


Come What May I think taps into a thought that every single person on the planet has had at one point in their life, “What if I had taken the other path life set out for me?” Our lives are like branches on a tree, and once you choose to move down one, you almost never can go back and see where the other one would have lead. On that count, author Laura A. Diaz has brilliantly found a way to write a book that will appeal to everyone regardless of where they are on the road of life. While that alone makes this book extremely marketable, the style will make readers glad they picked it up.

It’s also interesting to make the main character 62-years old. It reminds us that the human animal is not that different from generation to generation. We all question what we’ve done with our lives, and the fantasy that someone in their sixties must be content and living with no regrets is an illusion crafted by people who aren’t likely that old. But Cayla Lysander’s concerns are the concerns of us all.

I can’t imagine this book not being successful… Very few titles can legitimately claim such a large potential reading pool. And anyone who picks it up won’t be disappointed.~John Breeden II, Old Number Seven


I could not stop reading this! Cayla is such a lovable character. I love (the) attention to detail, and smiled when Daniel described her feet on the seat opposite her when they met. The love that she has for both Daniel and Arthur is heart breaking, endearing, and completely relatable! As I am reading I have this weird feeling in my tummy, almost as though I can feel how they are feeling.~Luciana House,Burning Angel


I came to read the first chapter to give me an indication of how long it would take me to read your book–or even if I wanted to read past the first chapter. What happened was that I read all twenty-five chapters in one sitting. (well, I did get up a couple times.)  I can tell you what my experience and thoughts were with reading it. Chapter Seven was the break-through chapter for me and hit home. How close your feelings of wondering match my own and probably hosts of others. How few have the courage to confront and verbalize to the world their deepest thoughts. All I can say is ‘I know what you mean.’ Your poetry at the end made me think, made me smile, and made me laugh. Thank you for sharing your work.~Roy Belletete, In Search of a Memory


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The seat of knowledge is in the head, of wisdom,in the heart.
William Hazlitt


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    June 9, 2013

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  2. Krystal.Ortiz
    March 12, 2013

    I can certainly see your passion in the paintings you write. It is my hope that even more passionate writers such as yourself listen to what you are saying and what you are writing. I have been entertained by the many book links and music video links, but I have to tell you that your book by far is my favorite. Being 4th generation Latina, I felt like I was living that story as I read the excerpt on the link you provided. I am really excited for you to get this published and perhaps write more?
    Always follow your heart, what you are doing is truth walking.


  3. Ro.Kincaid
    March 12, 2013

    Some genuinely interesting info on these pages, well written and highly entertaining.


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    March 11, 2013

    Oh my goodness! Love this collection and bit of wisdom. Thanks bunches for doing this! 🙂


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