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Forgiveness Fits by Audrey Bennett



Caroline and Paul understand the importance of forgiveness.
Until their enemies do something unforgivable.

Paul Corbin lies bruised and broken in a hospital room, the victim of a savage beating. His girlfriend, Caroline MacDougall, finally knows how far her detractors will go to hurt her. What began as the bullying of the new girl now threatens the people she loves.

Paul’s injuries, intended to destroy his chances of a football scholarship, heal, and his relationship with Caroline grows ever stronger. The two of them find comfort in their love for each other, and prepare to forgive the perpetrators.

And then the bullies do something much worse.

Here is a peer review of this up and coming YA novel my Audrey Bennett:

Forgiveness Fits is a perfect tale for our modern world. Though set in the past, it will appeal to young adult readers today searching for answers and guidance, and just trying to define who they are and where they fit into the world.

Author Audrey Bennett has done what few Christian writers have accomplished, and that is to promote an uplifting, Christian message without being preachy and turning off the very readers who could get the most out of a book like this. Most of the novels I’ve read from this genre seem to have been penned in the 1950s, with unrealistic characters who don’t act at all like real teenagers today, or probably ever did outside of Leave it to Beaver.

In Forgiveness Fits we are instead given Caroline and Paul, who act real, speak like kids and have real problems to face. The dialog is spot on. Either Bennett works with kids of this age or has several. Their interactions are all realistic, just like the seemingly insurmountable problems they face – trying to be popular, tying to be good, forging a meaningful relationship, figuring out who they are, ect. Although adults may dismiss young people’s problems as unimportant, it’s only because we forget how huge it all seemed at the time. And not all mistakes made while young magically disappear once reaching “adulthood.”

The right book at the right time can change a life. And I think that Forgiveness Fits could be that book for a lot of kids looking for answers. This should be published by Harper Collins or someone else. Not only would it prove popular in terms of sales and critical reviews, but it would help a lot of young people and, if only in small ways, make society a better place.

John Breeden II
Old Number Seven

You can check this out and read for FREE at:

“Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and then expecting the other  person to die.”~ Anne Lamott


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